How to Get a Bigger Dick without Pills

Find out how to Get a Bigger Dick without Pills and improve your sex skills

How to Get a Bigger Dick without Pills
How to Get a Bigger Dick without Pills

Sex stimulation is one of the best ways for having bigger penis without taking pills because it leads to maintain and enhance the sexual arousal. It can also lead to much better orgasm that has the possibility for making your penis become bigger without pills. It’s the best for physical stimulation and achieving great sexual intercourse while getting a bigger penis. Physical sexual stimulation usually composed of touching the human body parts especially in erogenous zones. It includes taking masturbation, sexual intercourse; hand jobbing has the possibility for making your penis become bigger without taking pills for enlargement.

There are exercises for making your penis become bigger in size and length without taking pills. But these methods must be carefully follow to be safe and no side effects to the penis and carefully follow the techniques leads of having bigger penis and must be daily to do:

  • Wally up – this exercise must be start by just sitting at the edge of the chair and you must hold a warm wet towel over the body of you penis. You must gently squeeze the head of your penis and just hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds. Sitting at the edge of the chair while holding the warm towel to the body of the penis can make the muscle be relaxed and together with minimal force for squeezing has the chances for having a big penis.
  • Applying lubricant – this is the best way while doing the Wally up you must apply the right oil for enlarging the penis. Applying natural oil can increase your penis size but it may dry fast if you will use a water-based lubricant so you must apply it every time you do the exercise. While applying the lubricant you must remain squeezing and holding your penis with a minimal force to avoid muscle penis cramp.
  • Length Extender – the device for length enhancer to the penis keeps the body and the penis become remain to its condition. But you must be sitting on the chair and pull your penis so that the muscles of the penis become relax and the blood coming to the penis is in proper flow. It can increase the process for enlarging your penis and has the intensity for making you better. But this extender is painful but doing it right removes the pain.
  • Kegel’s Exercises – this exercise enhance the muscle stability of your penis growth without taking pills for enlargement and enhance the muscle squeeze to your penis and it considered as you done the pee flow. But if you do it wrong your abdomen is manipulated out or muscles are hit. You can compress the muscles off and on, utilize the same strength to finish it, and start the pee circulates again. It must be implemented for ten sets, get a small relax between set, and begin with 20 or 30 per time. These exercises are better than taking pills for longer sex.
  • Circular Rotation – this method is similar to stretching activity. there are some differences as listed below
    • You only need to use one hand to grip your penis stretch out
    • Revolve this position
    • Do it for thirty seconds for 1 direction
    • Do it for thirty seconds for different direction
    • Practice five times a day

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