How to Make My Dick Bigger

How to Make My Dick Bigger

Every man wants a bigger penis. Although they will deny it or ignore the mere idea, they will want a bigger member. One’s dick is a symbol of manhood. It’s not only something one uses for pleasure and reproductive purposes, it is a source of pride and confidence. Not many people know that there are natural ways to make someone’s penis bigger. It’s not all about pumps and pharmaceutical drugs. And that’s through a good diet, a solid lifestyle and daily exercises. Here are some effective workouts that will answer the question ‘how to make my dick bigger.’

How to Make My Dick Bigger

The Stretcher

How to make my dick bigger? Easy. Here’s a simple stretching exercise that would definitely begin the process:

1.) Hold the head of your penis gently. Make sure your grip is secure but not too tight. Don’t cut off the blood circulation in your member. That’s now the way to do it.
2.) Pull and stretch it gently away from you. Do this slowly. Don’t stretch it to the point that you feel pain.
3.) Hold the stretch for thirty seconds.
4.) Gently return your penis to its previous position. Rest for a minute. Move a little.
5.) Do this every day for 10 to 15 minutes.

One you get used to the workout, do the stretching from all sides. Do it downwards, towards your thighs. Do it upwards. And even do it sideways. The more that you do it, the more your muscle will adapt to the next position.

The Backward Stretching

Another workout that answers the question how to make my dick bigger is the backward stretching method. Simple and not at all complicated, here’s a quick guide on how to do it correctly and properly:

1.) Hold the skin of your penis with your thumb and pointing finger.
2.) Use your other finger to support your shaft.
3.) Gently pull the skin towards your body. Make sure it goes as far as it can.
4.) Hold the position for ten to fifteen seconds.
5.) Have a one minute break and do it again.

Make sure to do the routine five to ten times a day. Once you get used to it, you can up the ante and increase the sets. We’re certain, in just a few weeks, you will start seeing some improvements.

penomet premium review pumpThe Opposite Stretching

Here’s another tried and tested technique! Here’s something you can do if you don’t have too much time on your hands. This won’t even take you half an hour:

1.) Grab the tip of your flaccid penis using your right hand. Afterwards, with your left hand, place a finger on your base.
2.) Gently and carefully, pull with both hands in the opposite direction. Once you do this, you should feel a stretching sensation within your shaft. Remember, this shouldn’t hurt. If it does, stop immediately.
3.) Take a short break after ten seconds. Afterwards, repeat.

Do this for 3 to 5 minutes a day. Best to do it during the morning, before hitting the showers and going to work.

The Milking Method

The milking method is more complex compared to the rest of workouts in our list. This is because it is an imperative that your penis should be semi-erect. Doing this while having a mild erection is the only way for this to be truly effective. You may ask how to make my dick bigger? This is the fastest and most effective answer.

1.) Find a good lubricant. Go to the pharmacy and get yourself some hypoallergenic and approved lubricant. Remember, it has to be oil based.
2.) Lubricate your semi-erect penis. Make sure your member is covered from top to bottom with the substance.
3.) Massage your penis with your right hand. Start from the base and move towards the head. Apply pressure, but not too much.
4.) Use your other hand and do the same movement.
5.) Repeat it as many times as possible. However, when you feel some form of discomfort, stop immediately.

With these many effective methods and simple workout routines, you will no longer have the incessant need to ask the question ‘how to make my dick bigger.’ Join us for more content and advice on how to increase the size of one’s penis exponentially.

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