How to Make your Dick Bigger Without Supplements

The only secret for making your cock become bigger is how you maintain your diet regularly without taking supplements for cock enlargement. Taking the right foods means you have a healthy body together with having a healthy cock enlargement. In addition, the cock extender device are one of the best for giving you a bigger cock with the proper use it can give 3-4 inches of cock growth. Inability to maintain erection, these are the advantages for taking exercises for cock enlargements without taking supplements.

  • The safest method for cock enlargement
  • It increase the stability for cock harder and longer erection
  • It can improves the amount for ejaculation of semen
  • It can helps the performance for sexual intercourse and control

penomet best penis pump order nowThese are additional natural exercises for getting a bigger cock without taking supplements for enlargement if you do it properly then the exercises will be executed well to your male reproductive organ.


  • Stretching your cock out – stretching your cock is the best way for increase in length and width and it will improve the performance of your sexual organ. You only need to do is to hold firm your cock’s body with a minimal force so that the muscles will stretch and the blood flow will properly circulates. If the process will be repeated then the size of your cock will be enlarge.
  • Pulling your cock backwards – it need you to support the underneath shaft of your cock while holding your cock backwards. When doing it you must be tight it for just about ten minutes and the tight must not be firmly hold to prevent cutting off circulation of the blood. You can repeat it every day just for 5 minutes and the results will be effective.
  • Yanking your chain – this is one of the great methods for increasing the width of your cock that naturally involves firmly holding the cock’s tip. When doing this task you need to stretch your cock off from the frame with single hand while the other hand is placing to the lower part of the cock. This exercise must be executed for only 5 minutes and do it twice a day for the good result.
  • The chain and old ball – this method is not much applied to the people, mostly young adults and this is a good technique for performing while attaching some weights to your cock. This will enlarge your cock size because of the gravity will cause the increase in size. The downward force is the cause for length increase.
  • Rotation-circular exercise – this the best tips for bigger penis because you only need to do is one hand grip while your cock is in elevation. While doing this exercise you must need to sit at the edge of the chair together with a warm wet towel but not the hotter towel. It will cause infection or inflammation sensation to your cock. And you must me relax and start to hold your cock that wrapping it with hot towel and begin to rotate counter clockwise with minimum force to avoid stroke risk. Just 5 minutes rotation and another 5 minutes for different rotation. Do this once a day only.

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