How to Make your Penis Thicker

There are some techniques of how to make your penis thicker as what you desire. But we need to know that there are stories around the internet that there are effective ways of how to make your cock become wide. There are some measurements for the penis to become bigger and thicker. Get a thicker penis today and learn to become more confident of having a wide cock and many men can change their size of cock and the measurement for the human cock and has the variability to arouse its level. The level are includes the frequency for having sexual activity, time of the day, room temperature, and the absolute terms in the relative to the relaxation of the human body.

Taking pills for making your cock become wider is one of the best methods. The normal dosage of taking pills for the cock is 2 times a day, one pill in the daylight and one pill in the evening. And it’s a good idea for taking the pills for enlargement having a meal and a tumbler of water. And while taking the pills there are effective exercises or routine for the starting to make your cock become wider. These exercises require more effort and carefully to followed so that the techniques become safe ad no side effect to your cock and it’s a good routine just after a few weeks.

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The best routine for the starters after taking pills for cock enlargement:

  • Warming up – this is the important cock exercises just needed only for 5 minutes to warm-up.  You just need to get a wet towel and cover it around your cock and the towel must be hot and not to hot cause it will cause inflammation to the cock. After the towel become cold while wrapping around your cock you can now remove the wet towel.
  • Stretching your penis – these routines are only simple and easy to follow the right method just only for 2 minutes. Just hold your cock slowly and stretch it slowly for just 2 minutes and the blood that comes to the muscles has the possibility to wider your cock.
  • Jelqing your penis – this routine is not actually easy to work. It needs to be the right attempt for stroking and squeezing to your cock and must be a minimum force to do the work. While using the technique you can use lubricant so that there are no chances for inflammation or any other cock problem during working the exercises.

The effective exercises that listed for the technique will take 6 months for the results. The effective 6 months result is only good for taking pills for the cock. Medical penis pump is also one of the best device for making your cock become wider this pump have the effective way for maintaining your cock  to stretch the muscle while doing the daily exercises while taking pills and it helps to maintain the erection because pumping makes the cock active and ready to sexual intercourse.

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