How to Make Your Dick Longer

How to Make Your Dick Longer

Does size matter? Apparently it does – and I’m not talking about shoe size. It is said that penis size can be determined easily by looking at a man’s feet or shoe size – but this does not seem to be scientifically proven. A number of researches though have found a correlation between a man’s index finger and dick size. This will give women a clue to shake a man’s hand instead than look down to check on his shoe size.

According to recent studies, the average penis size when erect is said to be at 5.2 inches – any number that falls below that is considered short. Men are said to be insecure with the size of their penis that it affects their self-esteem. The larger the penis, the more confident a man is with his own virility.

Although a lot of women prefer intimacy than focusing on penile size or erection, studies have shown otherwise. In an anonymous study conducted, most women prefer bigger dicks because these look more appealing or appetizing and also ensure more stimulation during coitus. Having long and big penises boosts a man’s confidence and it shows when they relate and approach the opposite sex. Women are also relatively drawn to positive and confident men.

Another research conducted by the American Psychological Association shows that women are more satisfied with the penile size of their partners than men were with the sizes of their own penis. Men tend to put so much emphasis on penis size that they become obsessed with ways on how to make it longer.

How to Make Your Dick Longer
How to Make Your Dick Longer

If you are looking for ways on how to make your dick longer, check out these different methods on penile enlargement:

1) Give your dick a rub – When your penis becomes hard, massage it an upward motion. Do this a couple of times until it becomes bigger. The science working behind this is that the penis is a muscle which just like any other muscle in the body gets all pumped up and bigger when worked out.
2) Do the Jelquin Exercise – This is a stretching exercise which is similar to milking a cow that aims to increase blood flow. To do this exercise, you will need a warm towel wrapped around you dick and balls. Hold it for at least 2 to 3 minutes. You will then notice that you start to have an erection. Put a bit of baby oil on your penis. Form your hand in an O shape by connecting your thumb and index finger. Run your hand from the base towards the shaft of your penis. Do this at least 100 times for 2 minutes. Increase girth and size by squeezing your penis for at least 30 seconds and then release. Repeat as necessary. Do not overdo it. Whenever you do this exercise, make sure that your penis is warmed up by towel and is fully erect to avoid causing any injury. When starting out with the exercise, it is advisable to begin with few reps and increase as necessary depending on comfort level.
3) Penis Enlargement Pills – Infused with growth hormones, these pills are supposed to make you larger by a few inches. The use of penis enlargements pills is not entirely advisable though because of some known side effects like nausea, difficulty with urination, headache; and the like.

4) Eat right – You are what you eat – choose the right food to enhance the size of your dick and be on a healthy route. Here are some of the recommended food to increase your penile size:
• Dark chocolate – this is a said to be an aphrodisiac for increasing libido. It’s enriched with flavonoids to improve blood circulation that help in erection.
• Onion – Enriched with phytochemicals that increase blood flow for enhanced erection.
• Bananas – Consuming this potassium-rich fruit helps increase cardiac volume which means a steady blood flow that can make your penis longer.
• Pomegranates – Helps the body produce nitric oxide to increase blood flow and also boost testosterone levels which improve libido.

5) Surgery – Going under the knife should be your last resort for achieving a longer dick. This poses more complications than optimal results. Deformities are often noted with surgical interventions. Not to mention, it’s pricey to undergo surgery which may range anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

One of the most recommended methods is to use the Penomet Pump which is the only penis pump certified safe and effective by ISO and CGS. This also has the CE marking. Penomet is a no-brainer and is very easy to use. You can see results in as quick as 15 minutes after using it. You also get to achieve positive results at up to 65% faster than using other treatments.

There is a science and a bit of common sense behind how to make your dick longer. A lot of OTC treatments and alternative methods as well as fad remedies are circulating online which makes it confusing to determine what works and what doesn’t. It always pays to keep a healthy and active lifestyle not just to be well-endowed but more so – to live a fuller life. It is better to be fully erect in between your ears than focus too much on what’s in between your legs.