Penis Exercises for Girth

Penis Exercises for Girth

How to Increase girth of your penis?
With following exercises most men will experience the widening of their cocks and stimulates the proper flow of blood circulation around the male sexual organ. These are the cock width exercise for having safe for enlargement of your cock:

  • Clamping – this exercise has intensity of high and the injury risk is high but it will help the cock to have the right width and obtain the right flow of blood to the cock and it needs to be done by giving extraordinary quantity of thrust built up. Doing it carefully will prevent the injury risk and having proper care for the male reproductive organ.
  • Double Squeeze – this exercise have medium in intensity and low in injury but it’s an effective way for using two hands will give the cock the chances for enlargement and the stretching and expanding with two hands will give the blood proper flow into the glans and corpora cavernosa.
  • Double Squeeze Erect – this exercise are the best effective for increasing the upper shaft and the glans. It will force the right flow of the blood and it will give the right erection while doing this exercise but this method will have medium injury risk but if you do it right and slowly the injury will be prevented.
  • Flaccid bend – this exercise is one of the central width exercises because it’s the best for enlargement. This exercise will be perform with one hand that pulls the head of the cock then the shaft is curve over the forefingers of the different hand.
  • Dry Jelq – this exercise is exclusive cock enlargement. This is the most considered a width exercise because it has low risk while performing this method.
  • Erect Squeeze – this exercise is also known for ULI and this is the most effective for increasing the size of upper shaft and the glans. It wills effort the proper blood flow to the lower part erection of the cock.
  •  Wet Jelq – this has the low injury risk while doing this exercise and good for cock enlargement and it says it’s the most considered a width exercise.
  • Side Jelq – it has the medium intensity and low in injury risk. This exercise is the difference where the stroke on another option curves to the lanes. This enlargement exercise can be secondhand to adjusting a curve, by only touching in the different direction of the curl.
  • Vertical Jelq – this is the similar exercise for the wet jelq that the stroke curls down. For cock enlargement this exercise can be handing to adjusting an upward curl.

Penis girth extenders are known for extremely effective for enlargement of the cock width. It has the approximate 30% increase just for 3 months according to some research. It has the best way for enlargement without taking supplements for bigger cock width. But the exercises are the most effective way for exercising for the cock. With the proper instruction and the carefully stroking your cock will lead to the performance for enlarging your cock width.

Penis Exercises for Girth
Penis Exercises for Girth

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