Vitalikor for Long Lasting Male Erection and Sex

What was once a sexual problem is no more so with the extraordinary function that vitalikor provides to a person. The medication has become almost a name synonymous with male sexual enhancement supplement that gives great results. This can be easily seen from the numerous independent opinions expressed in vitalikor reviews in the internet. Go through these views and you will be astonished that there are hardly any that has any negative comment. Truly, this kind of medication has sort of revolutionized the concept of sex as there is no more fear of erection dysfunction or hardness both of which goes hand in hand for a good lasting relationship.

The medication is in the form of capsules that can be consumed daily between three to six capsules a day. The medication consists of two parts wherein as per the instruction that come with the package a male person is to consume one part daily while the other part he consumes a few hours or so just before sex. This way the medication proves extremely result oriented and gives both the couples long lasting sexual bliss.

Brief glimpse on contents

Among the modern medication that has no side effects vitalikor capsules are quite safe according to medical experts and researchers. This is mainly because the medication contains some of the well known substances that have come down to us through ages and has been found to be good for both vitality and sexual energy. The content L-Arginine plays a very important role in the production of nitric oxide that helps in increasing the sexual function.

The next is the Panax ginseng which too is seen to have aphrodisiac qualities and enhances the sex drive in a person.

The third element is Ginkgo Biloba which has been used for centuries and supports blood circulation in particular in the penis and helps in mental focus. Even those people who are taking antidepressants for quite some time this particular element helps them in arousing their sexual urge.

The other elements are the vitamin A, C and E and these are good antioxidants and give excellent protection to cells and helps in reproduction. The vitamin B is also important as it helps in the function of enzymes contained inside the human body. The element Selenium which the capsules contain helps in controlling oxygen metabolism and helps in immunity.

Lastly, the zinc element is important for the growth of body cells, protein and helps in the process of reproduction. For larger penis pills as well as the right doses of the capsules you may visit the official website

Prices and order booking

You may book your order online and sent the payment through credit card or PayPal. The details of the price of the packages containing the capsules are given in the website and you may even look for special discounts too. The Stanford University and the New York Medical College as well as the University of Hawaii Research have testified about the increase in sexual performance for those using vitalikor medicines.