FAQ – About Penomet

Q: What is Penomet pump?

A: Penomet is a unique penis enlargement pump that has taken the market by storm since it is water based and is designed better than other pumps offered in the market. Most men having erection problems find the use of this penis pump really helpful as it has improved not just the length of their penis but also their girth and performance.

It comes with an interchangeable Gaiter system that will allow the user to slowly increase the pressure in achieving the length they want.

Q: Where can I buy Penomet?

A: For people who are interested with purchasing Penomet, it is highly recommended that they purchase the product in its official website. There are many people who would think that they can purchase the product in just any store. But to make sure that it is the legit product, it is best that it will be purchased from its official website.

It is also recommended that men purchase it from accredited distributors. To purchase the product in accredited stores will assure buyers that they are using a legit product from Penomet.

Q: How to properly use Penomet?

A: The process on using Penomet properly is fairly simple. All you have to do is to start with the gaiter with the least pressure and attach it to the cylinder. Put the cylinder over the penis and pump slowly till you feel a vacuum seal. Once you feel this, it is an indicator that you can start pumping. Every several minutes pump and then re-pump; you can do this for at least 15 minutes.

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When you are finished, just press its release valve just at pump’s end. As you feel comfortable with one gaiter, you can choose another gaiter for another level of pressure for pumping. Definite gains will be noticed after several weeks of continuously using Penomet.

Q: Where can I buy Penomet Gaiters?

A: Aside from the official website of Penomet, you can always purchase the 5 different gaiters from accredited online stores. Every gaiter may have different prices and of course, they have varied pressure. You can choose to purchase one gaiter at a time and just purchase another one when you start feeling comfortable with every higher level of gaiter.

There are different forces of Penomet that are available and it is recommended that you buy each gaiter from a trusted and accredited online store. You can also purchase it along with the cylinder as soon as your order a set.

Q: How to put on Penomet?

A: Putting on Penomet is basically simple. All you have to do is to connect the gaiter to the cylinder and then place it over your penis. When you see and feel that it already fits, you can slowly start pumping it until you can feel sort of a vacuum seal. Putting it on should be as careful as possible to make sure that not a part of your member would get sore throughout the pumping process. You want to end up having a smooth process, so it is recommended that you put it over your penis carefully.

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Q: How often to use Penomet?

A: Penomet should be used at least 15 minutes every single day. It is highly recommended that users will follow the simple instructions on how to use it correctly and make sure that they will not do any short cut in achieving a longer and thicker penis. Users must start with the lower force gaiter and use it for about a week. When you start getting comfortable with the pressure, it is time that you try the next higher force.

Just like other users, within a span of six months they were able to increase their length and girth and had a permanent improvement with their sex life.

Q: Where does Penomet ship from?

A: Penomet is manufactured in the USA so it is shipped from the USA. But they also have a fulfillment center in UK and can ship the product from there as well. Basically, the products are likely shipped from fulfillment centers to other places or even other countries. Aside from clients within the USA, they are shipping from the USA to other countries within a span of 15 days.

Q: How is Penomet shipped?

A: It can be shipped via Priority mail for customers within the USA and can be shipped for Express mail with an additional cost of $35. Most of the time, the products are shipped the same day when the orders are placed and paid and are delivered in a certain period of time. It is usually shipped discreetly to secure the identity of the customer.

Q: What is the best price on Penomet?

A: Currently, the best price offering for Penomet is ranging around $127 to $300 for the premium. The lower price includes the cylinder and 1 gaiter and the ones with higher prices already include the other gaiters that could slowly improve your length.

Q: What is the best way to use Penomet?

A: The best way of using Penomet is through following the guide book that comes with the product. You just have to follow the instructions in the guide book at the certain period that it indicates. It is also recommended that users must start with the lower force gaiters than using the higher level gaiters as it may affect the tissues in the penis and may lead to more serious problems.

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Q: Is Penomet safe?

A: Provided that Penomet will be used exactly just like what is indicated in the guide book, safety will never be an issue. Experts recommend that users must not hasten the process with starting with gaiters having high pressure to ensure the safety while using it.

Q: Is Penomet better than Bathmate?

A: As mentioned by many users, they find Penomet as a better option as it comes with a guide book and also several sets of exercises that help in the improvement of getting the results they want.

Q: Is Penomet legit?

A: It is legit. Penomet is made from highest quality of materials for the purpose of giving top of the edge results for men.

Q: What is Penomet delivery time?

A: The delivery time of Penomet may always depend on certain circumstances. For priority mails, the delivery period would take around 2-5 days while express may take 1-3 days varying on the time of customers’ purchases.

There are also international deliveries that would usually take 15 days maximum for the delivery period. For most cases, fulfillment centers may not ship items during Sundays and also during holidays. So, the delivery period may always vary.

Q: Finally, is Penomet worth it?

A: With the features of the product as well as the potential and promising results that it can give, anyone can say that Penomet is really a product that is worth purchasing and using. Many have already used it and many already gained the results they want from using this unique penis pump.

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