How to Properly Use a Penomet penis pump


Have you tried to enlarge your penis before using a penis pump that hasn’t given you the results you expected? Well then Penomet is your solution.

Penomet is a water based penis pump device that has been scientifically proven to be effective and an assured move towards penis enlargement that will allow you to immutably and effectively increase the length and perimeter of your penis with the minimum time and effort.

Although you can use Penomet with or without water, for the best results it’s advisable to use water. This is because conventional air vacuum compresses and expands air without enlarging the penis to the same extent that results in enlargement of some areas but not others. Penomet overcomes this problem by using water to provide equal volume and pressure within the pump cylinder. Due to the uniqueness of Penomet, when the pump stops compressing, the pump stops the non-return valve at the end of the cylinder which closes and the gaiter expands. This results pressure to be applied equally to the penis.

What makes Penomet unique from other penis pumps on the market is truly its offers five interchangeable gaiters that allows the user to gradually and safely increase the pressure of the device. Compare using this to a one gaiter setting, Penomet users are bound to gain up to 65% faster results.

Is it safe? Does it really work? Will my Penis get bigger? Are the kind of worries men have. There are no queries that Penomet will have positive results. However the key to making those gains is to follow the daily exercise routine. For lasting results, you should use the pump for about 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week and slowly increasing the pressure daily. Penomet comes with detailed exercise plans and unlike most penis pumps it is easier to know how exactly to use the pump. After following the instructions, you will be guaranteed amazing results over time.

Penomet Awards PicturesAfter using the pump most men notice more increase in the size than in the length. However no two bodies are a like hence the results can vary. it is highly unlikely that you don’t see any gains at all.For a product that has won numerous awards over the years, recently in Germany Penomet won two prestigious awards. ( best new male enhancement device 2013 and the the prestigious venus awards for the best new product in 2013) it gives you a warrant where you can return your product and get a full refund within 60 days. For one to be eligible for the money payback guarantee you must have bought the pump from the manufacturer’s official website.

If used innapropiately the penis pump may damage the tissue in your penis, but this shouldn’t be a worry to you because the way Penomet has been designed, it is the safest penis pump ever made. It has a unique and innovative gaitor system that allows you to slowly and accurately increase the amount of pressure used to enlarge your penis. I know most of you will will ask what gaitors are, these are rubber rings that are attached to the pump by the user with each ring representing a certain amount of pressure. Unlike other pumps that hve 1 gaitor, Penomet has five.


pumpning is a common method to enlarge and stretch the penis. The traditional method used i.e. painful, dangerous weights and extenders is very complicated and dangerous. Penoment is the newest and best way to end up the nightmare of having small penis size and the problems of maintaining the erection. Though it has almost the same basic method like the previous pumps, Penomet has been customized and made from high quality materials i.e. the tube and interchangeable gaiter. The extra advantages you will get by using Penomet include:

  • Increasing stamina in bed
  • Overcoming impotence problem
  • Straightening bent penis
  • Prevention of the onset of Erectile Dysfunction(ED)
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Stronger and fuller erections
  • Noticeable changes in size after using it once
  • 1-4 inch increases may be achieved

Another major benefit with the Penomet water pump is that it seals against your body and not around the shaft of your penis like most of the other penis pumps do. This means you won’t have any problems removing the pump and possibly losing your erection. Most of the times with the other penis pumps you would get yourself up to a nice erection, but when you want to have sex, you would find it hard to get your penis out of the device if you did not use enough lube. There are no such problems with Penomet.

There is no product in this world that doesn’t have its pro and cons. What really matters is whether the pros outweighs the cons. If so then the product is of more value using than not using. The pros and cons of Penomet are as follows:


  • Simple design for the user.
  • Penomet is safe and effective
  • Gives you quick results
  • Penomet Can be used with water or without
  • The device large opening allows easy removal
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is very easy to clean


As I had explained earlier if used inappropriately the penis pump may damage the tissue in your penis.

Penomet offers three different versions of the product that is Penomet Standard, Penomet Extra and Penomet Premium. Each of these version has 6 different colors of pumps to choose from: green, orange, pink, blue, clear and violet.

Pumps are the easiest way to making your penis bigger all you have to do is that you use a well-made and safe pump and there isn’t a better one than Penomet. The results will not disappoint you.All it takes is 15-20 minutes a day and in any case you feel like the pump isn’t helping you are eligible to return the device 60 days after purchasing it. It couldn’t get better than that.

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