Tips on how to use penis enlargement pumps safely without causing trouble

Penis vacuum pump is among the oldest male enhancement products used for penis enlargement with men. They are very popular since ages and are believed to be the best method when you don’t want to go for surgery to increase the length of your penis. These pumps were invented in order to cure  the problem of erectile dysfunction which is common in men. They help to increase the length of the organ temporarily and thereby provide satisfaction to an individual during the course of action.

A successful sexual act helps in increasing the self confidence of a man and these pennies enlargements pumps help them gain that confidence. There are various names with which these pumps are known in the market. Some of these names are penis vacuum pumps, erection pumps, vacuum constriction devices etc. whatever be the name, the purpose of all these penis enlargement products is same, i.e. to cure male impotency.

Years of research and increasing popularity of these pumps has led to various researches on these pumps in order to make them better and comfortable use for men. Now a day these pumps are much lighter in weight and are safer to use as compared to older times when they used to be bulky and a bit uncomfortable to use. One such recent discovery is known by name of penispumpe. These are considered to be good in doing their work and comes with a complete set of instructions in order to help the user to use them without any trouble. However, it is always better to consult a GP before putting on these pumps so as to avoid serious damages to the organ.

Penis vacuum pump
Penis vacuum pump

Here are some tips following which can further help you to use your vacuum pump effectively and safely.

  • Before inserting the penis enlargement pump on the penis it is better to lubricate the organ at the base. This way the cylindrical tube can fit the organ without any trouble.
  • The next step is to create the vacuum. It should be done very carefully and with utmost precaution. You need to pump out the air from the cylinder using your hand or the pump whatever is instructed by the manufacturer of the pump. These days pumps are accompanied with motorized pumps to create the vacuum. Although these are better than using hands but should be done very carefully. Any kind of carelessness can lead to dangerous results like hurting your sensitive organ.
  • Once your penis gains the desired length, you should not pump further. Care should be taken while removing the pump from the penis. For this, a safe way is to leave the pump on the penis for 2-5 min before taking it off the organ. This way after penis enlargement will get filled with blood and hurt less.
  • The last step for safe penis enlargement using vacuum pumps like penispumpe is to slide down the cock ring. Once you remove the pump you need to place a cock ring on the tip to maintain erection for some time. For this care should be taken to use a well greased cock ring so that it can slide over the cock easily.

I hope these tips are helpful when you are trying the penis enlargement pumps for the first time or wants to know the correct method to use these pumps.