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Penomet Online Shop
penomet standard discount

The Penomet Standard is what most people get when they want to buy this product.

For only $127 the Penomet standard comes in a number of colors and has a 60 day money back guarantee.

There is also a one year warranty.

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The Penomet Extra

Along with all the features of the Standard, the Extra comes with two additional gaiters and an additional year of warranty.

The price is $197.

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penomet premium discount

The Penomet Premium

Combining everything in the Extra with additional features, the Penomet Premium is the best-valued product offered in the Penomet line.

This includes a comfort strap for use in the shower, a total of 3 years worth of warranty, a bottle of gunoil shine, and the extreme workout gaiter for $297.

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