What exactly does a normal penis size means?

Every man, at least once in his life, would have asked this question to himself  “whether my penis is long enough or not”. The answer to the question may vary but the question remains the same. The point to consider here is what exactly is the correct size of a penis and how does the size affect a life of a man. If we believe experts, they state that there is no size of a penis that can be called as the correct size. It depends upon various factors that includes age, body built and many other factors. Men should also keep in mind that a penis is like any other body part that develops differently at different time of life.

Development varies from person to person

If we look at attainment of puberty, different individuals attain it at different times. Some start early while some take time. Development of the penis also depends on the attainment of puberty and hormones in the body. Many a times men try to compare their member with their siblings or other men without taking in consideration that every individual has a different growth pattern and therefore the development of penis size will also vary.

There is a lot of misconception when it comes to knowing the normal penis size. This is due to the fact that measuring a penis requires a lot of precision most men don’t care to follow. They just look at their member and compare it to various sources they get hold of and decide. Those who believe their penis size is not big enough to start losing their self confidence at a faster rate and try to find various methods to get penis enlargement for themselves. Experts believe that most men do not know how to measure their penis properly and therefore it should be a task left for experts so that a lot of us don’t feel ashamed of our members.

A medical expert on this subject knows all the factors that might affect the size of a penis and therefore will guide you how to measure your size and then compare it with average penis size  around the world. It is necessary to state here that a normal average size of an erect penis is around 5.5-6.3 inches and a width of about 1.4-1.6 inches. If experts are to be believed, most men fall in average category and it is only their misconception that their member is not enough in size.

Another point of consideration because of which men try different methods of penis enlargement like using vacuum pumps, surgery, taking pills etc. is sexual satisfaction to their partner. Most men believe, unlike women, that a long member can penetrate their partner  better and give more satisfaction. But the truth is that size does not have much to do in providing sexual satisfaction to a woman. The satisfaction talked here depends on a lot more factors than just size. There is nothing a larger penis will do that a normal penis size can’t perform.

It is true that for men, size of a penis is very important but this fixation on size should not develop to that extent where you follow methods for penis enlargement without taking the side effects into consideration. The key here is to think about the issue and choose your options wisely.