Penis stretching – a secret behind strong and long penis

Getting  a bigger and a stronger penis have always been a desire of men. A man always dreams of increasing the size of their penis in a few more inches and add it up to their manhood. It is a common misconception that a bigger penis has the power to titillate and excite a woman more and therefore, every man would consider getting a bigger penis just to achieve this objective. However, if experts are to be believed, the size of a penis alone is not the only reason behind sexual satisfaction for a woman. But the performance of a bigger penis can also not be denied.

Since ages man has used various techniques to achieve longer and stronger penis and penis stretching is one such way. There are various traditional and modern stretching techniques being used by men and we are going to discuss a few of them in order to get a better understanding of how they work.

Traditional techniques for penis stretching

Men in earlier times were sure that because of the elasticity a penis can be stretched but it was also sure that they need to do these exercises in a safe manner. The reason being that the penis is the most delicate part of a male body. There were certain exercises that these people used to employ and they were –

  1. Jelqing – this penis stretch exercise was developed from the milking action that was very common in old times. For this, the base of the penis was encircled using a forefinger and a thumb. This will result in partial erection and ensure that sufficient amount of blood can be trapped in the penis for elongation. The regular milking or jelqing motion using lubricant can help you attain penis enlargement to some extent.
  2. Penis weights – this again is an age old method practiced till date. It is believed that these weights help the penis tissues get tensile force which lead to multiplying and breaking of the tissues and as a result elongation of the penis. But this technique also requires precision while using weights otherwise it has the potential to cause permanent damage to the organ.
  3. Ballooning – the technique again is an old one and requires a lot of control on the part of the man. In this technique you need to hold your ejaculation at the time of sexual act a few times. Although it is difficult to practice but with time and continuous tries it can definitely be achieved. Massaging after holding the ejaculation can lead to growth in the tissues of penile area and thereby giving your penis more inches as desired.

Some modern techniques

Although penis weights is a practice that is being practiced till date but apart from that various modern methods are also being developed to help people who will go to any length in order to achieve penis enlargement. One is vacuum pumps like penispump. Here a low level of pressure is applied to the penis in order to achieve elongation of the penis. This type of pumps provides people with temporary elongation. The technique should be performed with care so that no permanent damage is done to the organ. Apart from these there is surgery as well but it is always better to be the last resort as it involves its own side effects to take care of .