How effective are penis weights for enlargement

Penis weights are believed to be an age old method for penis enlargement in men. It is believed that by using weights in the most delicate part of our body the length of the penis can increase to some extent giving many men a satisfaction, lack of which makes them lose their self confidence to a large extent. For years, penis weights are being read about as a technique with which men used to increase the length of their member. It is sometimes believed that with the use of weights it is possible to attain permanent elongation unlike other methods like vacuum pumps and exercises.

The theory behind using penis weights

It is believed that if the penis is made to stress to a point, it is possible to deform it permanently. This is because the tissue of our penis has a certain degree of elasticity. If the weights apply to the organ for a long time and at regular intervals the tissue of the penis will be forced to get overcome and the length of the organ and can attain permanent penis enlargement. The only thing that differs here is the time it takes to attain this enlargement. Experts believe that it depends upon the elasticity of the tissues in the penis and the time these tissues will take to lose their elasticity.

The process involved

Although it seems that the process of hanging weights to the penis is quite a simple one but it requires a lot of precision on the part of the person hanging penis weights. For this you need three things that include weights, hanger and wrapping material.

To start with you need to select weights very carefully. They cannot be too heavy or they will destroy the organ instead of benefiting it. You can use dumbbell weights, rocks, water bottles or stones as well if you are not intending to buy actual penis weights for yourself. You just need to be sure of the exact weight that you are using.

A hanger is used so that you can protect your member from injuries. It can be purchased from the market or can also be made at home. Care should be taken to avoid full looped ones as they can injure the nerves in the penis.

Lastly you need to wrap the organ after applying weight to it. It is very necessary if you want the process to become effective. Most often a loose cloth is enough to act as a wrap.

Care and precautions required

When going about the process of applying penis weights to achieve penis enlargement you need to take proper care in using the weights as the area in discussion is very delicate.

  1. You should always start with light weights and then increase gradually. Attaching heavy weights from the start may result in permanent damages that cannot be rectified later.
  2. Weights should be hanged on the hanger in a precarious manner. Otherwise they have a chance to fall and cause injury.
  3. If the hanger is not attached properly they can slip and it can lead to bruises, loss of sensitivity, stretch marks or discoloration of the penis.
  4. One should choose hanger and wrapping with utmost care to avoid injuries.
  5. Also experts believe that noose or loop hangers can create nerve damage which has lasting effects . So one should avoid them in any case.

Penis weights and their use can prove beneficial if used properly and with care. So if you want results take expert advice before starting the procedure.