A Guide to Peyronies Device

Some men may observe a noticeable curve on their penis while erect or flaccid. This curve may continue to be more pronounced with time. Depending on the cause of the curve it may also be accompanied by pain. In extreme cases, the individual may experience so much pain that they become unable to engage in sexual activity. This curve has been investigated by doctors, and it is advanced that it can be caused by either natural causes or peyronies disease. Both of these conditions and the resultant curve in the penis can be successfully treated using a peyronies device.

What is peyronies disease?

Peyronies disease is a disease first documented in the 1700s, and named after the doctor who first documented it. The disease causes an accumulation of tissue similar to scar tissue on either side of the penis, and also on the bottom or upper side. This accumulated tissue causes the penis to grow more on one side while the other side remains shorter. The lengthening of one side results in a curved appearance as the shorter side pulls back the longer side. It is this curved appearance that the peyronies device aims to correct.

Among the negative effects of peyronies disease includes an unnaturally curved penis and in severe cases, pain. The pain causes reduced interest in sex and thus diminished sexual performance. This can be depressing and emotionally taxing as well. The peyronies device provides a welcome non-surgical procedure for all those suffering from this disease; estimated to be at around 10% of all adult males.

What is a peyronies device?

The peyronies device is a medically approved mechanical device that corrects all penis curves and leaves the patient with a straighter penis which looks longer. This device presents the most effective way of treating peyronies disease. Most peyronie’s device review posts speak of how effective it is in correcting penis curves as well as lengthening the penis in some cases. Multiple clinical trials have also labeled the device as one of a kind and highly effective.

How does the peyronies device work?

The peyronies device is strapped on to the penis and exerts a straightening force on it. By stretching the penis for an extended period, the shorter side is regenerated by new tissue and thus catches up with the longer side. The package comes with a directional noose straightening device to provide directional oriented straightening, a traction device for peyronies, instructions on special massage techniques and other extras such as carrying case, spare parts and Go Today Vitamin-E oil. It is recommended that the device be used regularly with breaks after every two hours for best results. The variety provided by the Perfect Grip system means everyone can find their perfect fit while latex strips and comfort foam provide comfort while wearing the device.