What is Penomet Pump

What is Penomet pump?

Penomet pump is a revolutionary penis enlargement product, conceived by manufacturing experts, created to offer an exclusive, powerful and proven technique of enlarging the penis. Penomet pump is a great hydro-pump for guys. It is very light making it easy to use in the shower and is designed to allow a minimum compression force, encouraging utmost penis growth and lowest discomfort. Pumping more water from the pump encourages penis expansion and high hydro force vacuum. Regular usage of the product increases vessels, allowing more blood to fill the penis tissue. The pump comes with a three year warranty and discreet shipping. Hence, if the pump breaks or one of its gaiters tears from use, you will be given a replacement. It’s unlikely for it to break though; the pump is made strong with thick plastic and durable rubber for the gaiters.

How many packages are they in?

The Penomet is sold in three dissimilar packages, the Extra, Premium, and the Standard. The premium package comes with five different medical grades, strength and silicone gaiters that control the force of water pumped into the tube. It’s recommended that one should use different gaiters on dissimilar days to avoid their bodies adapting to a single pressure. The fifth gaiter that’s included is labeled as 80 and is Penomet’s strongest pressure. This force is easy to use, enlarges the penis, feels amazing and shows results super fast. You can select between blue or patent colored tubes, and gaiters are pre-colored for easy recognition. The Penomet premium edition is approximately $297. It enlarges the penis in only fifteen minutes, for up to eight hours.

What is Penomet Pump
What is Penomet Pump

The pump’s extra package has three gaiters and two years warranty. Shipping charges are less when buying a lesser version of the Penomet because of weight difference. The Penomet standard edition comes with only one gaiter which has the lowest force, and one year warranty. Even though all the packages come with different levels of support, they offer every person the same assistance. One basically pays for the gaiters when picking up the premium edition. Moreover, removable gaiters are what make the product so great since it’s entirely upgradable so that you don’t buy another pump again, just the gaiters.

One amazing thing about this product is that it has a large opening which facilitates pumping. This really helps individuals with erectile troubles. For me the Penomet works flawlessly. When I pump it up it provides more than enough force to expand my penis and there is very little leakage especially with water. The water doesn’t compress so it forms a barrier around your penis so that it gets bigger all over not just at the head. Many will be intrigued with the design.

Penomet is really different from other penis pumps in that it can effectively be used with water while one is in the shower or bath. Additionally, if you wish to use the pump with only air, then you can do that as well. Basically the pump makes a vacuum around the penis which causes it to swell and get bigger against a water cushion. With regular use, both the length and the thickness of the penis increase.

What is Penomet Pump
What is Penomet

The base of the Penomet pump is referred to as a “gaiter” and it’s the part that allows one to push out air or water and create a strong vacuum around the penis. The gaiter comes in different force levels (different colors specify different levels of force). The black one, which comes with a standard unit, is force 70 which is a mid-level force. Switching them up will depend on how your penis feels or whether you are using it with the water or air. With the Extra or Premium packages, one gets more gaiters and has more adjustability. Over pumping isn’t much of an issue and Penomet pump is quite comfortable. The major difference with Penomet and other similar products is that it seals against the body and not around the shaft of the penis like other conventional penis pumps do. Moreover, the opening at the pump’s base is very large and is quick to put over the penis and removing it.

What the large opening means is that one won’t have any troubles removing the Penomet pump and possibly losing their erection. Occasionally with conventional pumps guy get themselves up to nice erections and then if they wanted to have sex it could be difficult to get their penises out of it if they didn’t use enough lube. With the Penomet pump, that problem is done away with. If you wish to enlarge your penis or have tried a penis pump that has not given you positive results, this pump is the perfect solution!

Capturing Visually the Penis Pump Demonstration

It’s an efficient, scientifically proven and definite approach to the penis enlargement that allows anyone to permanently and efficiently increase the length and the girth of their penis with minimum time and effort. After purchasing you will want to follow exercise routines so as to maximize the gains you acquire. Water based penis pumps/hydro pumps like Penomet are much more efficient for a permanent penis increase than the air based products. This is because the water heat relaxes and expands the blood vessels for the pump’s duration. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping for a similar product.

Penomet pump Specifications

  • Its Unit Diameter is approximately 6.2cm
  • The pump has a maximum girth/circumference of 19.5 cm
  • Its Unit height uncompressed is about 10.62 inches/26 cm
  • Maximum penis length is 9 inches when fully compressed
  • Gaiters are medical grade silicones made in Japan
  • Its tube is Polycarbon plastic made in USA

What’s good about Penomet pump?

  • Penomet is extremely easy to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Individuals obtain noticeable changes in size after one use
  • 1-3 inch increases may be achieved
  • It has instantaneous enhancement
  • Reduce penis curvatures
  • One can skip the warm up and the warm down recommendations
  • Simple design
  • It is safe and effective
  • Gets quick results
  • Can use with water or without
  • Fuller erections
  • Guys can get more oxygenated blood flowing to their penises
  • You get a longer lasting and increases the penis length and girth very quickly
  • It gives stronger erections from the improved blood flow
  • Large opening allows an easy removal
  • Has very high-quality tube and gaiter
  • Stronger erections

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